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OFF-WHITE x Air Presto (Black and white)

The cooperation between Virgil Abloh, the director of OFF-WHITE, and Nike is the heaviest joint series of last year. This series of joint-name shoes is rare, and for this reason, the speculation price of each pair is too high to mention. So what we’re talking about today is Nike Air Presto OFF-WHITE.
Dark and light color tones create a vibrant tone, from the AIR label of the upper to the tongue of the shoe, from the orange label on the side of the shoe body to the lace, all reveal the good street temperament of OFF-WHITE. The shoe style is mainly black-and-white color matching, and still supports Lycra upper design. It is believed that this shoe style will be the highest combination of comfort and fashion.

OFF-WHITE x Air Presto
Air Presto Black and white

Presto has always been a good shoe, only because the market price is too low, attention is not high, after all, many people only pay attention to expensive. So, with the heat of joint funds, people will naturally pay more attention to it.
Seamless upper is full of elasticity, which makes the movement of both feet free and unrestrained. The shape design is concise and exquisite, ensuring the sense of structure and fitness.
Carbon fiber rubber outsole, in the process of making rubber, carbon fiber material or carbon powder are added. This kind of rubber has good wear resistance and grip, but it will leave a black mark on the ground when it rubs violently. It is mostly used for running shoes.

STYLE AA3830-001
RELEASE DATE 2017-09-09

Nike Air Presto Off-White

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