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Air Max 97 Shanghai Kaleidoscope

Deflect all haters while wearing the Air Max 97 Shanghai Kaleidoscope. This Air Max 97 comes with a blue upper plus white accents, red nike “Swoosh”, white midsole, and a white sole. These sneakers released in April 2019 and retailed for $200. Show the sneaker game how fashionable Shanghai can be and grab these on my WhatsApp.

Nike recently officially unveiled the final designs of the six winners of the Nike: On Air Global Design Competition in May last year, after opening the winners’list and inviting six winners from Shanghai, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Seoul to make a dream trip to the U.S. headquarters.
Among them, Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope is designed by Ruqiu Stone from Shanghai. The concept of kaleidoscope reflects the impression of clouds floating in the sky of Lujiazui, Shanghai. With the rapid change or dissipation of water, it constantly forms new forms. This time, HYPEBEAST will bring you Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope, as well as Ruqiushi Cash Ru’s Essentials, to learn more about this award-winning designer.

Air Max 97’SH Kaleidoscope’

Nike Air Max 97 “SH Kaleidoscope”
Cash became one of the winners of Nike: On Air Global Design Competition
Decrypting the Truth behind the Design of Kaleidoscope
See how Cash uses the unpredictable clouds
Interpretation of Shanghai’s “Speed” and “Air” in His Eyes
“Two in one life, two in three, three in three.”
Water fog around the high-rise buildings of Lujiazui Building Group
Condensation into clouds, cloud into rain
The Concept of “Three Creatures” Associated with Thoughts
The source of inspiration for becoming a kaleidoscope
Flow sublimation, circulation and reciprocation
Extended possibilities for change
Parameterize the sensation of this change
Melt in kaleidoscope with cascade structure
[Red and Blue]
Contradictions and Conflicts, Stability and Challenges
Cash uses red and blue
Describe your personality in many ways
Kaleidoscope lake blue in the main tone
The red Swash logo also stands out.
Create a pair of shoes that everyone can define shape.
Lakewater Blue Wool Yarn Fabric with Multilayer Superimposition
Light texture, top-down, from deep to shallow
Like clouds steaming upward
Clouds have no fixed shape
Just as everyone feels differently about things
Different People’s Expressions of the Same Thing
It should depend entirely on people themselves.
At the beginning of Cash’s design, it was up to everyone to decide.
What does this thing ultimately look like?
Therefore, the design of kaleidoscope shoe
Redundant lengths are reserved for cutting edge shapes.
Every wearer is free to define a kaleidoscope.
Create a cloud for everyone.

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