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adidas yeezy boost 451

YEEZY family has developed into a number of sneakers and experienced sales today. Kanye West, with its constant creativity, has not stopped. From the current time to the later plan, there will be more items listed in the sales plan in 2019, which covers the YEEZY 451. Throughout this pair of sneakers, the most obvious feature is the fashion style, rich lines and exaggerated midsole design to maintain a different fashion flavor from the past. In addition, it should be noted that the first color matching will be carried on the basis of grey, combined with the embellishment of shoe body wave elements, which highlights the loyalty to YEEZY and Kanye style design.
“Steven Smith (Yeezy Designer) redesigned the sole profile for Yeezy 451. I’m very excited about what he designed!”
The integrated sole wraps up the shoe body, has the exaggerated volcanic shape, the visual recognition is extremely high. From the side, the outline of the shoe body also has the feeling of Yeezy 700 Wave Runner.
The changes of Adidas Yeezy this year are obvious to all, from side-through design to highly topical regional restrictions, to spy photography of the first basketball shoes, more and more self-release, impact our visual nerve.
As early as last year, Kanye personally exposed that the brand-new shoe Yeezy 451 not only uses a unique naming method, similar to the exaggerated volcanic exterior, but also left us a deep impression, and finally “Yeezy 2019”, can not help but cause reverie!


adidas yeezy boost 451

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